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dr hab. Wojciech BOŻEJKO, prof. PWr

Department of Control Systems and Mechatronics,
Wrocław University of Technology 
Janiszewskiego 11-17,  50-372 Wrocław, Poland 

ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0002-1868-8603

Wojciech Bożejko is an Associated Professor at Wrocław University of Technology. He obtained M.Sc. in University of Wroclaw, Institute of Computer Science in 1999, Ph.D. in Wrocław University of Technology, Institute of Engineering Cybernetics in 2003 and D.Sc. (habilitation) in Wrocław University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics, in 2011. From June 1, 2013 he work as the Associated Professor in the Wrocław University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics, Department of Control Systems and Mechatronics.  

He is an author of over 200 peer-reviewed papers (over 500 citations on Scopus, h-index: 14)  published in journals and conference proceedings from the field of parallel processing, scheduling and optimization. He is also a reviewer of journals in this field: European Journal of Operational Research, Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, Computers & Industrial Engineering, IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Journal of Civil Engineering and Management.  He is interested in parallel algorithms, GPU computing, scheduling and discrete optimization. His Erdős number is 4.

He is also a qualified musician, graduated (Master of Arts degree) in 1998 from the Academy of Music in Wroclaw in a specialization of piano*.


Degrees and positions:

  • M.A. -  1998, Music Academy of Wrocław, Poland (piano)

  • M.Sc. - 1999, Institute of Computer Science, University of Wrocław, Poland

  • Ph.D. - 2003, Institute of Engineering Cybernetics, Wrocław University of Technology, Poland

  • D.Sc. (habilitation) - 2011, Faculty of Electronics, Wrocław University of Technology, Poland

  • Assoc. Prof. (prof. nadzw.) - 2013, Wrocław University of Technology, Poland

Research interests:

  • methods of solving NP-hard problems
    - sequential and parallel metaheuristics
    - theoretic properties
    - solution's space and its properties
    - parallel methods (exact and approximate)

  • discrete optimization problems
    - single machine scheduling problems
    - flow shop scheduling problem
    - job shop scheduling problem
    - Traveling Salesman Problem
    - Quadric Assignment Problem
    - flexible manufacturing systems
    - vehicle routing problems
    - cyclic scheduling

  • parallel computing
    - parallel combinatorial optimization algorithms
    - parallel graph algorithms
    - Ada, MPI,
    - supercomputing, clusters
    - programming in CUDA, calculations on GPUs.

  • project management, automation in construction

  • permutations groups
    - new measures
    - theoretical properties

  • free probability


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ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0002-1868-8603